An Integrated Monitoring System

The Integrated Monitoring Center (CIM) is Megalabs’ pharmacovigilance system. The center serves all group companies.
Through CIM, it is possible to communicate any kind of inconvenience arising from the use any Megalabs product in any region.
This permanent monitoring allows us to know in detail the characteristics of our products and to provide maximum guarantees to patients and health professionals.

Commitment to Safety

We ensure the safety of patients, mothers and fathers, healthcare professionals, and all those using our products. This implies a self-imposed commitment with the highest quality in everything we do, in order to provide safe, effective and accessible products. Close post-marketing surveillance of our drugs is key to fulfilling our mission.

Simple and Spontaneous Reports

Our goal is to simplify spontaneous reporting by patients, health professionals and all those involved in the use of our products.
This is how we can detect the early onset of events such as adverse reactions, medication errors, counterfeiting or tamperig, off-label use, use in pregnant or nursing women, lack of efficacy, and drug abuse.

Please Tell Us

Early notification is key to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of our products and to giving priority to the well-being of those using them.
If you had any inconvenience with any of our products, please report it on the website